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Okay, I don't have any Märklin trains, but I have a question that some of you Märklin owners may be able to answer.

Background: In looking at various ways of cabling my layout, I have decided that there are a number of places that I want to be able to remove a structure or other component -- so the power feed should be with plugs, rather than soldered. In the past, I've used some Kleinbahn plugs for this -- but the Kleinbahn plugs really aren't compatible with anything else (that I know of) and, at times, are a pain to work with. (Also, to get more, I would have to order these from Austria.)

So, as I already have some Viessmann accessories -- and plan to acquire more -- I have decided to use the plugs used by Viessmann -- which appear to be identical to those supplied by Brawa, and apparently also used by Faller. (Both plugs and sockets come in a variety of colors, which would be helpful in a number of ways.)

It is my understanding that Märklin also used these plugs in the past, but has now switched to different smaller plugs for current products.

The question: When did Märklin make this change and is there any known reason for this -- other than to make their products less compatible with those of other manufacturers?

On the other hand, these smaller new Märklin plugs may just be compatible with the Kleinbahn items that I have. I guess the only way to find out is to order a few. (I don't have any measuring equipment precise enough to measure the exact size of the Kleinbahn plugs to compare them with the new Märklin plugs.)

Any insights would be appreciated. Yes, I am aware that Brawa now offers both size plugs, and will apparently continue to offer the larger ones.


-- Ernest


  • michaelrose55michaelrose55 Orange City, FL

    Links and part numbers might be helpful...

  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    I figured Märklin people would already be familiar with this plug situation, so I would not have to provide details. However, for everyone else:

    The Viessmann plugs (which are apparently compatible with older Märklin equipment) are catalog numbers 6870 through 6878; sockets are 6879 through 6887. Distributor blocks which use these plugs are Viessmann catalog numbers 6842 through 6844.

    Dozens of Viessmann electrical and electronic components, such as the 5206 occupancy detector use these plugs.

    By varying wire color and type and plug/socket color, you can come up with dozens of different combinations, which would make it easier to trace circuits.

    Viessmann sells the plugs and sockets in packages of 10; Brawa offers some of these same plugs and sockets in packages of 100 with the designation "old style."

    The newer Brawa / Märklin plugs come in some of the same colors. They are similar in appearance -- except, of course, smaller.

    I would not be surprised if Brawa actually made the plugs for both Viessmann and Märklin -- or if a third party made the plugs for all of the above model railroad supplies. This is the kind of item (such as basic wire) that each model railroad manufacturer would not typically produce itself -- but which it is obligated to provide, as part of a complete assortment of accessories.

    (On the other hand, Roco's flat connector system, used for turnouts and other stationary accessories, is proprietary -- and worth a story in itself, which I may get around to on the Blog, one of these days.)

    -- Ernest

  • Ernest, you have to careful with the plugs because Marklin changed them, the new Marklin plus won't work with the old one. To be safe don't use the Marklin ones just use the Brawa. We have them in stock so just tell me what color males and females you want and I will send them to you.

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