Is anyone OUT THERE?

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Let us not forget the power of imagination , for no matter if done well or not , or following exact plans or your own , i thought the idea is to share , to enjoy the fun , the heart break , and the reward of doing.
to help on advice , or even help on certain things that are hard to get , to become a community on what we all enjoy. can we all pull together ? and leave different cultures and beliefs behind ? and enjoy and feel good about the one thing we all have in common.


  • I'm out there, alright. Having a little trouble introducing self, as I am either getting senile or there is no particular way to introduce self, or I haven't found it. I come to the Electrotren Forum in a somewhat back door manner. My first Electrotren piece was obtained whilst on holiday in Wales in 1975. It was an a simple wagon with olive oil amphorae. I was intrigued by its ruggedness of construction and the rather odd cargo. So, too was the innovative connecting spring that centered the couples, that were quite strong, but not obtrusive in their appearance.

    Over the next 20 years, that piece followed me around all over the place, until I landed in El Paso. It rekindled my fascination, and this being before the internet was common, the idea of finding an Electrotren dealer in the United States was somewhat daunting. So, I defaulted to my earlier interest in OO British, for which was marginally easier to locate stuff by virtue of a visit to the library and finding a small dealer in the Greater Boston yellow pages. Anyhow, the movers threw away, or stole, my beloved olive oil wagon, and I spent, no exaggeration, the next twenty years trying to find another, including upon the web. Such was my interest, that my sister tracked down an Electrotren dealer in Carlstadt, New Jersey, who was in the process of getting out of the business, but still no luck. I located an image of said wagon in a color pictography of mostly European model OO, and there she was, lurking in the gloom in the background.

    Still no closer, a few years ago a British modeler on a British forum heard of my quest, and directed me to a French eBay posting, and I obtained it post haste, with great satisfaction. This led to finding other Electrotren pieces over the years, some in an El Paso junk shop, and I found them to be irresistable, and added a few more to the Spanish fleet. Then, last week, I did something dangerous, which was to go FeeBay surfing (posting is free, for a fee) and located two additional olive oil cars, both slight different in the colors of the amphorae, so naturally had to buy them, then found some more wagons and coaches Stateside, all Electrotren, in both Spanish and French- another fellow who was getting out from under, apparently, as I doubled my Electrotren fleet in one purchase, at quite reasonable cost, for which I consider treasure.

    As a child, I had visited Spain, toured some of Paris, and all this was within my nostalgic reminiscence. In 1964, I accompanied father on a trip to Leningrad under a Canadian passport. Even as a very wee lad, the atmosphere of the USSR was gray and miserable. We did, however, take the night train to the Finnish border, and there is an Italian electric job, that Raynaulds has, the reminds me ever so much of the daunting locomotive with its authoritative red star emblazoned on the nose. That too, I wish to add to the fleet. Renauld's, you'll be hearing from me as soon as I gather some funds, after this last spree.

    Now, as a modeler of Britannia, it is convenient that my North American chums see buffers and it's all the same Euro-thing to them. British, French, Spanish, Italian, they know not. So, I have the unchallenged pleasure of blending in

    some quite foreign railroad stock and no one knows but me. Or probably you, when you see what I've gotten up to.
    Question: does anyone have any information as to what, why, and when of these olive oil amphorae cars? They are so positively weird as to be delightful.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I never heard of this car, so a picture might help me to give you some info. I found one with three amphoras on it, this is not a real car.


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    I picked this up in Wales back in '75. I was fascinated by its sturdy construction and fantastical cargo. I have since been able to acquire two more, both with differently painted amphorae. I find them irresistible despite the cost. Was this part of any Electrotren production line, or even a set? What inspired this creation?

  • Anyone?

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    Nice car! However, the loading is somewhat unrealistic since the amphorae need to be tied down and fixed. In the current arrangements, they would break during shipment. I do not know if this is an original car or a private creation.


  • Thanks Ulrich. Yes, it is unusual, so much so that I searched far and world wide for at least twenty years until I finally stumbled upon one. Then, two more turned up and I snapped them up as fast as I could get my wallet out. Electrotren made some of the most unusual loads, one being the "cristal" wagon and the "bundles of twigs" wagon, the more formal English word for that having fallen into disrepute.

    This one of my own creation. I am fascinated by ancient Egypt.

  • Not many out there, apparently, but who has the time? Not a lively place, but at least one isn't lost in the forest, as with some of the larger forums.

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