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My first visit to the Forum! I have collected Era II HO gauge equipment for many years now, and finally have the start of a layout...using AC Maerklin and C-track, mostly.

Recently I actually began operating a limited amount of equipment just to get the bugs out and see how everything fit together. All has gone well using three Maerklin loks (E18, E60 and Br 17) and one Roco (E160),plus a lineup of cars from Maerklin, Roco, Fleischmann, Brawa, Sachsenmodelle and Piko. All work well together, although I use Maerklin couplers on everything, but have only had to replace a few wheels sets (on two Brawa cars and two SaMo cars). Once I have all the bugs out, will change over from Maerklin Delta system to ESU Command System with Radio Control.

But not everything has gone as planned. Through an unfortunate accident, my Maerklin 33190 (Delta version of Br 17) broke the plastic motor mount, and therein lies a problem. The 33190, 37190, 37192 and 37193 are all mechically identical DRG Br.17 4-6-0 fast passenger loks. They are beautifully engineered models, with terrific detail and highly sophisticated drive systems and electronics. Unfortunately, in the accident the plastic motor mount was broken (part number 22140800), and the lok is no longer operable. Indeed, the way the lok drive system is designed, I do not see any way to replace the motor or gearing (if necessary) without sacrificing the plastic motor mount. But, despite the importance of this small inexpensive part, all I get from Maerklin is that they are "no longer available". The part is common to all four of the Maerklin Br. 17 models with the last version (37193) produced just 3 or so years ago.

I have tried twice to go to the excellent Maerklin spare parts web site, and was twice told that there is a substitute...but the recommended part was totally different and is in no way a substitute. I even investigated to see if the necessaty part could be salvaged from a damaged, similar Br. 17....but it can't! The part has to be destroyed to remove the motor and get to the part! So I have a rather expensive model that is, at present, totally inoperable because Maerklin does not have the necessary part. interestingly I have had little difficulty obtaining replacement parts from Roco, Brawa and Tillig (Sachsenmodelle) in recent days.     

Can anyone provide a contact in the Maerklin organization that I can contact to request that they make another run on these rather insignificant, but non-replaceable, motor mounts? Certainly there is someone in Goeppingen that can help...

Any help would be gladly appreciated.


  • BR42BR42 Auburn
    Dear DRG-Amerika,

    This motor mount has been a weak point of his particular model from the beginning.  I remember similar problems mentioned in the MIBA when the model was released for the first time.  The Trix model also had problems of his kind.  Marklin unfortunately has not the best service.  My recommendation would be to see if you can use hot glue to fix the motor, or call Reynaulds directly.  They have a specialized repair department that may be able to tackle problem.


  • Dear Tom

    Maerklin has been my 'Middle Name' for a long time. I have to agree with Ulrich. Their service support is like a roller coaster, sometimes good, somtimes non-existing. I could never quite figure this out. I know they have gone through hard times, during the recent past. Poor economy issues. What else is new. Changes in management etc.

    You can try,find Service, and see for yourself. I have done this, in the past, with anything from excellent to zero results. They do understand English.

    Otherwise, I could not have responded to your inquiry better than Ulrich.

    If the URL does not work for you, go to Google, type in This will lead you to the correct link.

  • Tom

    I forgot to mention that any future questions or comments you should post under the appropriate forum topic, not the Members topic.

    Thank you
  • DRG-AmerikaDRG-Amerika Hoosierland
    thanks for the input....not sure how to post things correctly yet.
  • DRG-AmerikaDRG-Amerika Hoosierland
    Choo choo:

    Roco 66355 flat car with a meter gauge gondola as a load was recently produced. Unfortunately Roco made no attempt to have a secure loading for the meter gauge car! I built a little frame for the car to securely set on the flat car and would be happy to provide a brief article with photo or two as a posting.

    How should I proceed with this<

  • Hello Tom

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Some manufactures leave it up to the modeler to secure a given load to the carrier car. Roco is no exception. I have gone that route myself. Incidentally, Roco offers 'Wheel Blocks', a set of 12, item #40005. It is not neccessarily the ideal solution, but it helps.

    The car with load you have acquired is in HO Scale. When you are ready to post your contribution, post it under the topic HO Scale.

    In order to post pictures to the Forum you need to go to and take it from there. You need to register and study the details.
  • I ran into the same issue with Maerklin Spare part 22140800. As I was not able to get it anywhere anylonger, I created a draft for a 3D printer and printed it myself. Works pretty well. You find it on Here is the exact link to it:
    If you have a 3D printer available, this might help you. Cheers

  • Hi. I'm using older plugs and sockets on my Marklin distributors. My problem is that they tend to slide out, thereby creating needless contact issues on my layout. I've tried to tape them on the distributor, but somehow they manage to loosen up and fall off (heat)?. Short of replacing all the plugs/sockets and distributors on my layout, does anyone have a quick fix to this problem? Much obliged.

  • Assuming these are of the same design as the Viessmann and Brawa plugs, they would have a split metal end.

    Use a sharp small hobby knife to insert into the split of the plug -- and slightly pry the two sides apart. Be very careful with this as it is easy to cut yourself.

    That should work in most cases. Another alternative would be to use the Viessmann all plastic plugs (Viessmann 6831). These have a hole through the center through which the bare wire is pushed and then bent. These will hold better in some situation, depending on the wire used.

    Hope that helps. -- Ernest

  • Greetings Ernest,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. This will definitely help keep the plugs in place without difficulty. What a genial idea. Much appreciated!

  • @Railwriter said:
    That should work in most cases. Another alternative would be to use the Viessmann all plastic plugs (Viessmann 6831). These have a hole through the center through which the bare wire is pushed and then bent. These will hold better in some situation, depending on the wire used.

    I tried the Viessmann plugs, and ended up swapping them for metal ones.


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