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i also been stuck with a joeuf 0-8-0 (T40 i think) what can i do with this french tanker ?


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  • i also been stuck with a joeuf 0-8-0 (T40 i think) what can i do with this french tanker ?

    August 6
  • Thank you for welcoming me , now i do wish i could correct the ID name i use , i forgot the H :(
    as i slowly look through the goodies to buy , i noticed in the trix section there is no BR 98 ? and why i can not locate any parts ? i have a E111 lok , where the motor was totaled , i replaced the motr with a roco but the motor was shorter , i soon made a spacer (bracket to hold it in place , but other things like the tanks at the trucks , and the glasten i can not get any spare rails ? (i had to make some out of wire and paint them , it still looks good , but not really original . the BR 80 looks really nice though , but still would like to see some 040 in the range .

    August 6
  • Hello , i have been building a simple design of a HO layout for some time, it seems that every man and his (how to say) PORTER? has been working in DCC , well i prefer to keep things simple working in DC power (12 volt) and keeping the models i have in analog , working in some names such as trix, roco, and lima , in which i have in a lima a Henschel-Wegmann express , at least i think it is , a lima model green in color i try to find some info on this model , but seems very confusing , as i know it was build for express and was done at the time when the flying hamburger was done , as DRG were looking for an express engine . well as far as i know three were made, but did not live up to what DRG wanted, i believe that Henschel went off to Italy , i believe the three only one survived. It seems to be a shame that ROCO has gone the way of the dodo (i have a roco Elok which i had to replace the motor ) and lima has been bought by hornby ? hornby is not bad ,i wish they re made past models.

    August 6